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Applications & Features

It’s necessary to control the ventilation of car park and vehicle maintenance and test work shop according to many building HVAC regulations. Considering of energy efficiency, demand-controlled ventilation (DCV) is recommended to provide enough fresh air according to CO concentration and temperature. CM transmitter and controller are designed for these applications. It can effectively control the ventilation system to safety and energy-saving operations

Environmentally friendly electrochemical sensor gives good long term accuracy, sensitivity and reliability

Better than most other similar sensors, it gives more than 7~10 years sensor life to protect customer’s investment

Better than most other similar sensors which maybe need recalibration every 6~12 months, it only need periodical recalibration as long as 3~5 years or more, maintain 5% accuracy

All electrical terminals are on the inside bottom, avoid any possible destroy to PCB when wiring (for CMWN)

Digital technology applied, multiple outputs optional, over voltage and reverse polarity protection, high reliability and anti-interference capability

Wide range of operating temperature, optional relays to actuate the alarm or control function output

LCD & function keys can set various parameters, calibrate and adjust output, so that the product can be a stand alone controller(for CMWN)


CO sensor: Electrochemical gas sensor

Range: 0~100ppm, or others (0-400ppm)

Accuracy: ±5% @ 0-400ppm

Temperature sensorDigital temperature sensor (CMWN)

Thermistor (CMD)

Range: 0~50°C

Accuracy: CMWN±0.5°C@0~50°C (1m/s air flow)

CMD±0.5°C@25°C (1m/s air flow)


Output: 4~20mA (3 wires), 0~10VDC, RS485 / Modbus; OUT1­: T, OUT2: CO

Relay: 2×SPST, 1A/30VDC, 0.5A /125VAC (for CMD),

3A/30VDC, 3A/250VAC (for CMWN)

Power: 16~28VAC/16~35VDC (for CMWN)

18~28VAC/18~35VDC (for CMD)

Display & Keys: optional LCD Display & Keys(CMWN), see more details on LCD & Keys operation

Work environment: 0~50°C (continuous); -5~55°C

(intermittent); 5~99%RH (Non- cond.)

Housing: ABS+PC (CMWN), ABS(CMD)

Protection: IP30 (CMWN), IP65 (CMD)

Weight: 150g

Agency Approval: CE

Carbon Monoxide (CO)Transmitter

$1,000.00 Regular Price
$500.00Sale Price
Excluding GST
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