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Bristol compressor 3 phase, 8 1/2HP, gas R22/R438. Centapol is one of the biggest compressors warehouse in Australia providing the best quality &  price warranty. Bristol Compressors are undergoing a strict process of numerous testing that have a proven reputation for very high quality and re-liabilities at affordable prices. We are absolutely confident to provide a twelve months warranty for any new and rebuilt products.

Bristol Compressor H25G104DBVE

Excluding GST
  • Bristol compressor 3 phase, 8 1/2HP, gas R22/R438, gas R22/R438 The picture is for your reference only. The real picture at our warehouse may be a little diffrent.

  • Centapol provides 1 year warranty for all new and rebuilt products.

    Other Return/Payments policies please check in our Policy Page


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