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 Carlyle Semi Hermetic Compressor - 5HP, MBP no oil. 3 phases, Voltage 400-460V, 50/60Hz  Price excluding GST. 

Weight: 114kg

Carlyle 06DM3130CA3650

SKU: 06DM3130CA3650
Excluding GST
  • A cooling system is only as good as the compressor that drives it. That's why Carlyle compressors offers both reciprocating and scroll compression for Carlyle container refrigeration system. Centapol is the last supplier who have compressors for refrigeration R22 with mineral oil for replacement for old model’s air conditioning units. The positive benefits of internal motor protection, high efficiency circular valve design & high torque motors make this an exceptionally long-lasting compressor.

  • Centapol provides 1 year warranty for all new and rebuilt products.

    Other Return/Payments policies please check in our Policy Page

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