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Rebuilt Kirby Hermetic Compressor, 3 Phases, 5 1/2HP, Gas R404 

Centapol is one of the biggest refrigeration compressor supplier in Australia. Rebuilt Kirby compressor are unsurpassed range of precisely engineered refrigeration solutions and nummerous testing. When you select Kirby compressor from us you reap the rewards of design standards that exceed expectations, compliance with local standards, maximum system efficiency through advanced compressor technologies. 

Kirby compressor TAG2522Z

SKU: 2901;2902
Excluding GST
  • Rebuilt Kirby compressor model TAG 2522Z, 3 Phases, 5 1/2 HP, Gas R404

  • Centapol provides 1 year warranty for all new and rebuilt products.

    Other Return/Payments policies please check in our Policy Page

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