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Rebuilt Maneurop Hermetic Compressor, 3 phases, 4.8 HP, Gas R22. 3.5kw. Maneurop reciprocating compressors supply by Centapol Electrical are specially designed for applications with a wide range of operating conditions. All components are of high quality and precision in order to ensure a long product life. Maneurop MTZ series compressors are of the hermetic reciprocating type and are designed for medium and high evaporating temperature applications. We are the last supplier who have compressors for refrigeration R22 with mineral oil for replacement for old model’s air conditioning units.The positive benefits of internal motor protection, high efficiency circular valve design and high torque motors make this an exceptionally long-lasting compressor.

Picture for reference only!

Maneurop MT 57HK4AVE

SKU: 3123; 2670; 2187; 3162
$600.00 Regular Price
$550.00Sale Price
Excluding GST
  • Sizes: L2700xW690xH700


  • We provide 1 year warranty for our new and rebuilt products.

    Other Return/Payments policies please check in our Policy Page


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